RTW South America

RTW South America

UK > Rio – Overland – Santiago > Auckland- Overland – Christchurch > Melbourne – Overland -Darwin > Singapore – Overland – Bangkok > UK

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  You’ve been counting down the days but finally the time has come to grab your stuff and head to the airport. Wahoo!
You’ve got 8 amazing stops to look forward to as you go full-circle around the world on a trip that is sure to knock your socks off!
 So take a deep breath as you’re about to fly off the edge of the map…

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Live life to the full in this South American star of a city as you revel in Rio’s sun-soaked streets and party the night away to the beat of the drum and flashes of brightly coloured headdresses.


Santiago, Chile
  Why don’t you loop up to Santiago on the Southern Sojourn adventure tour that lets you tango until your toes tingle, gorge on platters of sumptuous seafood and steak, and soar through stunning scenery as you paraglide over Upper Patagonia and river-raft down swirling mountain rivers. 
You’ll roll into Santiago raring for more and what better way to round off the South American leg of your journey then hopping across the sea to explore the strange, stony faces of mysterious Easter Island.

Auckland, New Zealand
  Rev up that engine for a turbo-powered time around the world’s biggest adventure playground: New Zealand! 
Haka, hike and hobbit-hunt around these two islands and sample the multitude of mind-bending activities on offer: how does bungee-jumping, skydiving, white-water rafting, whale watching or glacier trekking sound? Insanely good?! We thought so.


Christchurch, New Zealand  New Zealand’s South Island is as thrilling as they come with action-packed Queenstown, awe-inspiring Milford Sound and everything from mighty glacier-covered mountains, giant glassy lakes and sweeping stretches of sandy beach to feast your eyes on. Oh, did we mention that they’re quite big on their wine around there too? 
For the ultimate afternoon, book a Dolphin Encounter Swim where you can get up close and personal with one of the world’s most loved animals. Watch with awe as they perform their amazing acrobatics then grab your togs and get in there as this one’s not to be missed!

Melbourne, Australia  
Mega-cool Melbourne has recently been voted the most liveable city in the world and it won’t take you long to work out why. You are sure to fall head over heels for this quirky town where urban-chic rules, vibrant street-art lines the pavements and both the epic Great Ocean Road and Twelve Apostles are just a breeze away.


Darwin, Australia  
The Northern Territories is untamed Oz at its best and home to some of the most wild scenery (and animals!) the country has to offer. It’s chock full of crocs and ancient Aboriginal history so get stuck in and dive head first into a truly ripping adventure, mate! 
Why don’t you nip about in a 4×4 as you dodge crocs and weave between giant rocks on the 4WD Kakadu Litchfield Safari, which sweeps you up from Darwin for a three-day, action-packed adventure into the Aussie wilderness.

 Stop over in Singapore to soak up cosmopolitan life and enjoy this unique city’s multicultural mix of East meets West. Stroll around the super-clean calm streets or party it up like there’s no tomorrow there’s a little something for every traveller in this city! 
With the rest of Southeast Asia on your doorstep, there’s no excuse not to venture further into the lush depths of Singapore’s neighbouring friends.


Bangkok, Thailand
  Next up, prepare to be bowled over by Bangkok! With bustling markets, bright lights, street-side temples and an up-all-night attitude, this city is a whirlwind of an introduction to Southeast Asia and is sure to get your travel taste-buds lusting for more.
And Bangkok is only just the beginning! The rest of Thailand and its eclectic neighbours are a treasure trove of emerald green hills and picture-perfect shorelines, dotted with towering temples entwined with lush forests and lively cities.

  Oh yes, the green, green grass of home! You’ll be glad to touch down in good old Blighty after your mammoth trip. And don’t forget: daily moisturising is the key to holding that tan!

Total distance: 26,408 miles

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