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Here you will find some comments sent by customers who travelled with our support (more reviews on Facebook).  If you believe we helped you with advices, deals or contacts, send us a comment & photo and we’ll be happy to publish it here.

A relation that goes beyond the travel agency

Making this RTW trip has been for us the most important moment of our life. Not only you helped us organize it and find the best prices, but you gave us the courage to do it together. And this goes beyond the relationship between agency and client. Well done.

Jennifer & Greg

Accomplices of my most beautiful journey

It is thanks to people like you that there are those who find the courage to realize the dream of a lifetime. At least this time I will be able to say that I gave all myself to make it work. Thanks for being accomplices of my most beautiful trip. It also helped me define better my future. Thank you.

Nora Morel

You have supported me through all the organization

Who would have thought that I would make it!? Even for this, I thank Round the World’s team, which was able to motivate through all the organization and brought me to realize my dream! You are professional, as well as real travelers …and now friends! A hug from Fraser Island.

Stella Parise Facebook

Thank you for making this dream come true

“Fulfil a dream” that’s what this trip was for us. The team of “around the world tours” have allowed us to experience a unique and unrepeatable experience.  We will now promote your services to all our friends. Thank you so much for making this dream come true!

Irene & Guido

You were part of our trip of a lifetime

It is not easy to find the words and who made a RTW knows …without your valuable advice, we would not have done it. But above all, thanks for your time, patience and the immediate empathy that meant that you were an integral part of our trip of a lifetime.

Serenella & Marilena

A family around the planet

You gave us not only a concrete support, but also a precious emotional professionalism, that allowed us to realize our perfect trip around the world. Planning the RTW ticket was one of the highlights of this mythical journey. Thank you so much!

Longo’s Family

Our eco-friendly World Tour

We want to thanks Matt and Francy for your support in the research of amazing eco-friendly destinations. Right from our first phone call, you understood our project: a honeymoon around the world for eco-tourists. Backpack and accommodation in eco structures, perfect locations, tours… and so many ‘vlog’!

Daphne and David. See their video

You gave an answer to all my questions

I did many researches to organize my RTW. When I found you on the web, I got the answer to every question and the best deals. But most of all, you have supported me psychologically and now that I am traveling around the world, you are available for any need. That’s what make you unique! Thank you

Giulia. See her blog

Thanks for giving me wings

When I met you it was like putting wings to my dream. Perfect in helping me planning my RTW, always ready to give advices and listen to my 1000 questions. I suggest everyone to consult Matteo, because your life will never be the same, from the moment you start planning your RTW.

Stephan. See his blog

Proud to have you on our list of partners

You helped us to realize our project of Around the World in 80 Days. Our group of five travelers has traveled the world looking for people able to improve our world. With your knowledge, you have helped make this venture a reality. Thank you!

Luigi, Andre, Didié, Alessio, Andrea. See their website and their video .

Finally on the road

We have worked all our life, making sacrifices and now we finally made our dream come true. We have spent nearly two years to organize our world tour. With your help, we are now traveling around the world …and frankly, we don’t know when we’ll be back.

Steve & Janet – from USA.

I found my actual boyfriend

I turned 20 in Fiji, during my RTW. The most beautiful experience of my life! I met great people and my actual boyfriend. There are no words to describe your generosity, interest and help. Thanks especially to Gio, for his patience in assisting my flight changes!

Martina – from Europe.

Infinitely grateful!

A world tour that has filled the soul with joy and eyes with immense beauty. We “changed perspective” in proportion to the 21 flights taken! You have encouraged and supported us at all stages of the journey, dispelling our fears. With you, what we dream can come true.

Peppe & Emily – from Europe.

A memorable RTW honeymoon

What to say: intense, challenging, exciting, unpredictable, fascinating, romantic and adventurous. We thank you again for your help in the design phase and for the valuable advices that you have given us. We are ready to go again around the world!

Chiara & Davide – from Europe.

It will remain forever in my heart

Thanks to your valuable advices, I managed to organize a fantastic journey through 4 continents… a unique experience that will remain forever in my heart …and in a few month I’ll leave for my second Round the World Tour!

Davide Rosso – from Europe. See his video on Facebook.

What a great journey

We definitely booked the best RTW ticket offer. Thanks to the Dmc’s you suggested us, the land organization was perfect. It was a great journey, thank you very much guys!

Albert and Jane – from USA.

Your team has been simply amazing

We contacted RTW Tours to build a unique, sustainable and different experience all around the World. You helped us in every single step of the tour. We travelled more than 10 countries in 4 continents and yes, it definitively costs less than you could imagine!

Antonio and Marianna, from Europe. See their website

The right decisions all around the world

Thanks to your support, we booked the best RTW ticket offer. Also all the land organization was first class, thanks to the Dmc’s you suggested to us. You helped us make the right decision all around the world. Thanks!

Giuly and Matt, from Europe. See their blog

Thanks for making us become ‘happy travellers’

When someone asks me what I wanna become when I grow up, my answer is: a happy traveller!   Thanks to RTW Tours this is becoming true. Thanks for organizing this lovely RTW – just between girls!

Elisabetta, Carlotta, Benedetta, Mirca; from Europe.

You made our dream come true

Now or never. After graduation, take the backpack and go. Thank you for making our dream come true: 45 days, 5 countries, 11 cities …the trip of a lifetime!

Vittoria and Mirko. See their Video

Thanks to your help, it was super

Till six months ago, we couldn’t believe we would manage to do a RTW trip. Thanks to your team, for heping us in each part of the organization. It was super!

Lian, Feng and Jie, from China. 

Incredible Family trip

We would just like to thank you for such an excellent handling of our incredible family trip, dealing with all the complications that cropped up so well and recommending the perfect accommodation for every stop-off. You just gave us the most precious contacts to handle every step of our RTW tour

Frank, Fabiana and little Michael. 

Massive thank you for your help

We would just like to say having been on our round the world trip, arriving back in France early last week, hence the early email to you, a massive thank you for your company services. The trip was fantastic and we have recommended your organisation all over the world to various people we met.

Francois & Stephan, from France.

What a lovely Gap year

I just wanted to say thank you for helping organising my Gap year!  Thanks for helping with it all; the flights all ran smoothly, land services were well handled by the Dmc’s you suggested. I will definitely be recommending you.

Sunil, from India.

Simply perfect

The itinerary we build together was simply perfect. We would have loved to have seen and experienced more locations, but time at this precise moment in our lives was not to be.  We’ll get in touch for the second RTW, focusing more on a themed tour, Diving around the world!

Sophie & Carmen, from Germany. 

Exciting, unique and amazing

Thank you for the suggestions that you have given us. It has been an exciting, unique and amazing journey. Thank you and …see you for the next adventure!

Sossio & Salvina, from Italy.

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