The Classic RTW Tour

The Classic RTW Tour

Classic RTW Tour: UK > Bangkok > Singapore > Perth – overland – Sydney > Los Angeles > UK

RTW Ticket from £. 1,149*
Land services to be quoted separately

*subject to date restrictions and availability

 Bags packed? Passport? Buzzy, excited feeling in your stomach? Double check! Sounds like you’re ready to head to the airport and lift off on your epic around the world adventure! 7 dreamy destinations, over 24,000 miles, and countless once-in-a-lifetime experiences await you on this trip that will tick off every one of the top spots on your ultimate travel hitlist!

 You will be feeling the Bangkok buzz as soon as those wheels touch the runway. This city is non-stop and chock-a-block full of bustling streets, serene temples, never-ending nightlife and mouth-watering snacks to feast on so go on, get stuck in!


 It is up to you to wind your way down to Singapore from Bangkok, as you island hop around the southerly Thai beaches and down into the marvellous Malaysian Peninsula. You’ll be padding around Penang, taking tea in the cool Malay highlands and kicking back in sky-scraping Kuala Lumpur before finally sliding into starry Singapore to explore the shiny shops and world-class food.

Perth WA, Australia
 It is goodbye Asia and hello Australia as you arrive in the land down under! Perth is the perfect westerly point to commence your epic Aussie adventure so don that dangly-cork hat and dive head-first into the big red!
 There’s the mind-boggling Pinnacles to ponder over, dancing dolphins in Monkey Mia. And dozey whale sharks off the Ningaloo Reef to cruise alongside.


Sydney, Australia
 No doubt, this city will amaze you from the first moment. The most beautiful bay in the world, surrounded by the most incredible urban beaches, is simply irresistible for every traveller!

Los Angeles, USA
  Touch down in glittering L.A, the city of angels and perfect starting point to explore all that the sun-drenched West Coast has to offer. The Best of the West tour does exactly what it says on the tin as it sweeps you around all the ultimate California sights and beyond. From super cool San Francisco and party-loving Las Vegas to the majestic Grand Canyon and blissful Yosemite National Park.

  Oh yes, the green green grass of home! You’ll be glad to touch down in good old Blighty after your mammoth trip. And don’t forget: daily moisturising is the key to holding that tan!

Total distance: 24,226 miles

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