Travel Wellness Around the World

Travel Wellness Around the World


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Travel Wellness itinerary:
A round the world tour specifically created for those who need to recharge their physical and mental energies. A nurturing and enlivening journey of unique and unforgettable experiences, in places full of special energy. The most exclusive Travel Wellness itinerary.
The Indian state of Kerala is probably the only place in the world where Ayurveda is practiced with absolute authenticity and dedication. This ancient holistic system, reliable and validated by time, is a natural method to achieve health and longevity; it offers rejuvenating and therapeutic treatments specific to certain disorders . Massage with oils, medicated baths, herbal diets, meditation and yoga revitalize the body, mind and soul . During your stay you will enjoy the benefits of these treatments performed by authentic professionals and at the same time you can discover the wonders that this part of India holds. Kerala is a wonderful blend of local traditions and famous colonial history, all set against a backdrop of lush greenery, palm fringed beaches, tea plantations and incredibly fragrant spices.

thai massageTHAILAND
In Thailand massage is considered a branch of Traditional Medicine; it is not simply a relaxing experience, but allows regeneration of the body’s structures and the restoration of the proper flow of energy . Bangkok offers excellent programes where you can switch between traditional massages and rejuvenating treatments with oils and natural essences. For lovers of the sea, a visit to the capital may be accompanied by a brief stay on one of the beautiful islands in the south. Among them, we recommend Koh Phangan and Kho Samui ( connected to the mainland by comfortable catamarans and well served by an airport) where you can spend relaxing and unforgettable days in renowned wellness resorts.

A trip to Bali is not merely a classic stay in an exotic destination full of breathtaking beaches: the culture and spirituality of this island make it one of the most special locations on the planet. For this reason we decided to include in this amazing tour a truly unique experience : a stay in a specialized detox centre.
The benefits of this type of treatment are many and often go deeper than might at first seem apparent. Here are just a few:

• Greater vitality and more consistent energy

• Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients

bali 2• Better elimination and bowel health

• Improvement in fertility (men and women)

• Relief from chronic skin problems, like eczema, psoriasis and acne

• Hormonal balance (to help alleviate PMS, blood sugar imbalances, mood swings)

• Weight loss and enhanced metabolic function

• Heightened immune system

• Greater emotional/mental well-being and happiness

• A sense of spiritual unfoldment

• The possibility of a life free from pain and ill-health

Custom programs allow you to detoxify your body (especially the colon and liver ) and at the end of the treatment your psychophysical batteries will be charged like never before !

zenAfter your arrival at Tokyo’s international airport forget about the hectic and ultra-modern face of this country and plunge into the ancient culture of this land of enchantment!
What we offer you is a journey of discovery of traditional Japan, embodied in two of the most authentic and popular experiences: Zen meditation and Onsen.
Zen – the word evokes calm, empty, inner peace, but also more tangible images such as the gardens of stone and moss, large tatami rooms, or even the fascinating art of the tea ceremony. Kyoto, the city of 2000 temples and shrines, is the essential place from which to explore this culture; perhaps from the perspective of the gardens, the most famous being the dry gardens (karesansui), whose form does not attempt to reproduce nature, but rather to express enlightenment. The patterns drawn in the sand and the rocks shaped by nature and arranged by human hands are a representation of the universe.onsen
Another of the most enjoyable traditions of Japan is without a doubt to dive in the baths, especially when it comes to the Onsen – hot springs of volcanic origin which are plentiful and popular across Japan. There are different types: the Onsen in a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) where you can spend the night for an experience of the timeless magic of Japan; the municipal Onsen, usually cheaper but with more basic equipment, or the absolute luxury, the outdoor Onsen, also called rotenburo, which are often encountered during a trip to the mountains . The Onsen in Kusatsu, among the preferred destinations of the Japanese, are located in the Province of Gunma, not far from Tokyo. Or treat yourself to a visit to the Onsen during a trip to Mount Fuji: The Fuji- Hakone region is rich in them.

SedonaThere is no doubt that one of the best places for the traveller to experience the full majesty of Nature is the West Coast of the United States. Through lush green valleys, arid deserts, and canyon views you can enjoy a cocktail of experiences designed to regenerate your body, mind and soul!
Sedona, as well as being a beautiful and peaceful town in Arizona, is considered a place of great spiritual power and is famous throughout the world for its “vortex” sites – areas with highly concentrated energies conducive to prayer, meditation and healing. Popular now as a centre of alternative therapies and healing, Sedona has long been known as a sacred place; for hundreds of years Native Americans have performed ceremonies there and some tribes continue to this day. What better place to alternate sessions of yoga, meditation and hiking?
The Grand Canyon , Monument Valley and Lake Powell are easily reached for unmissable daytrips.
<And for those who were thinking of nearby Las Vegas…we want to reassure them that sometimes you can allow yourself to succumb to temptation!

The South West of England has a great variety of beautiful scenery, picturesque architecture and a relaxed atmosphere, and is an area offering a wide range of health and wellbeing experiences. A jewel in the South West’s crown is Bath Spa, an exceptionally beautiful and civilized city famous for its healing Roman baths. The mineral rich warm waters were enjoyed by the Romans 2,000 years ago, and although for many years the Roman baths were just a museum, a recent lavish restoration has made the healing water available once more in a stunning architectural setting. (
watsuThe Thermae spa offers over 50 spa, health and beauty treatments, including Watsu, a deeply relaxing therapy which involves being cradled by a therapist in the warm waters of the Hot Bath whilist having your body gently stretched and huided through a series of flowing movements
From Bath you can travel a short distance by road to another ancient centre of healing, the famous mystical town of Glastonbury, dominated by the Tor, a magical round green hill topped by a tower. Long known as a sacred spot, at the foot of the Tor is the Chalice Well Garden, with springs of healing water and a wonderfully peaceful and restorative energy.
Another short drive takes you to South Devon and Totnes, a beautiful Elizabethan town famous for its vibrant culture of alternative health and ethical living ( An abundance of delicious healthy food, therapeutic treatments, retail therapy and lively alternative music and dance events are on offer. ( On the doorstep are picturesque beaches and Dartmoor – a wildly beautiful landscape ideal for restorative walks. (
If you prefer to explore the inner landscape, a few days at nearby Gaia House – a well known Buddhist retreat centre – will help you to drop into a deeper level of peace and inner silence. (

What else? You just have to choose the departure time and contact us for more information.