The Great Classic

The Great Classic

grande classico


London – Johannesburg – Bangkok – Tokyo – Sydney – Hawaii – Los Angeles – New York – London

RTW ticket: from € 2500
Package of 33 days of travel, land services included: from € 6000

A truly complete Round the World Tour, which touches the heart of 5 continents. You will fall in love with the incredible diversity of our planet !  This memorable trip will take you through a stunning variety of picturesque landscapes, experiencing both ancient cultures and futuristic cities.

Your starting point for exploring the Old World is the great historic city of London – which has recently received a makeover courtesy of the 2012 Olympics. The wonders of Europe are so accessible – Paris, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Prague…you can easily travel by train or use a low cost airline…where do you want to enjoy  your time?

Cape Town

Entering through the southern  gate of this incredible continent, you will immediately feel its attraction. Africa is still mysterious and full of contrasts, and it offers a breathtaking world of nature that will leave you spoiled for choice of places to visit. The KrugerNational Park and Cape Town are just a couple of must-see destinations.

Perched on the edge of the most beautiful bay in the world, if you’re not careful Sydney could seduce you into spending your entire stay in its embrace. But you would be foolish to miss such unique experiences as a visit to Uluru , the sacred monolith that rises in the heart of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland or the Great Ocean Road and beautiful Melbourne. And remember you can easily make a visit to New Zealand – the perfect destination for lovers of unspoiled nature and the world capital of extreme sports!

Which destinations embody such fascinating contradictions as Bangkok and Tokyo?
The Thai capital can evoke an incredibly diverse mix of feelings that’s quite impossible to describe -the beautiful architecture, the chaotic streets, the mouth-watering cuisine, the surreal atmosphere of the markets – there’s plenty to love and to loathe in Bangkok!  But Thailand is also synonymous with great hospitality and idyllic beaches which await you in the south of the country, easily accessible and affordable travelling on internal flights or by land.
Japan owes much of its charm to its unique culture – the product of centuries of isolation – which to visitors can appear both incomprehensible and fascinating.

Visiting Hawaii is a dream many people nurture … it’s finally time to gather this fruit of Paradise!
If you’ve ever tried to imagine heaven on earth…once you’ve seen these amazing  islands you’ll have no more doubts. Trekking in the forests , white beaches , surfing and snorkeling , active volcanoes … a few days of well-deserved relaxation in the AlohaState!
LAAnd here you are in Los Angeles. From now on Hollywood, VeniceBeach and Malibu are no longer only dreamed of places you’ve seen on TV ! L.A is also a great starting point for discovering the legendary California and the Wild West – try  taking a road trip to San Francisco or San Diego. And definitely not to be missed is the big loop to the National Parks ( Death Valley, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley , Grand Canyon … ), obviously passing through crazy Las Vegas! The last stage of this amazing RTW tour is New York, the Big Apple.


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