Standard RTW itinerary


Standard RTW: London – Bangkok (surface) Singapore – Cairns (surface) Sydney – Christchurch (surface) Auckland – Fiji – Los Angeles – London.

Student / Youth – from £1129 incl taxes.

Some ideas:

Overland AsiaRoam Bangkok to Singapore14 days Explore three throbbing Asian cities, wander a multitude of markets and bazaars while munching on all kinds of delicious street food. Laze on luscious Thai beaches and enjoy the open air of the Malay countryside. This joyous journey guarantees to give you a fascinating insight into this unique part of the world. From £589(No local payment)
Surf at Bondi Beach Small group surfing lessons From £45
Explore Fijian IslandsUltimate Lei7 days Start & finish: DenarauMost people imagine Fiji to be just glorious beaches and turquoise waters, but there’s so much more to it than that! Take a summit walk up the magnificent monolithic mountains, kayak and snorkel around the many coral reefs, opt to go diving and visit a traditional Fijian village to check out a Kava ceremony. From £406

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