Around the World in Sharing Economy

Around the World in Sharing Economy

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London > Los Angeles > Papeete > Auckland > Sydney > Bali > Singapore > Bangkok > Dubai 

RTW Tickets: from €2,000
Land will be cheap, as most of the ground services will be in Sharing Economy


With the global economic downturn and increasing trust of the Internet, there has been a major shift towards access of goods over ownership of them. The travel industry is the sector most affected by the growth of sharing and collaborative consumption. This trends drives customers toward the sharing economy, especially for accommodation and ground transport.
Thanks to our partnership with communities in various sectors – Accommodation / Food / Transport / Work, we created the first ever Round the World Tour in Sharing Economy. A trip for travelers 3.0! Designed by Francesca Antoci   

We are partners with the following Communities:


home-exchangeHOME EXCHANGE
Swap a house or an apartment with like-minded travelers all over the world. Other than getting there a home swap doesn’t have to cost you more than staying at home.

Rooms to rent at a local’s home. We put hosts who have a room to rent, in touch with travelers.

Find hosts to stay with in over 100,000 cities.  With Couchsurfing, you can stay with locals in every country on earth.


Dine in homes around the world.
Meet amazing people, eat great food and enjoy unforgettable experiences.


Connecting people who need to travel with drivers who have empty seats.
Choose from thousands of rides offered by drivers across EUROPE, everyday.


We promote fair exchange between budget travelers and families.
But also with individuals or organizations who are looking for help with interesting activities.

Contact us and we’ll tell you the deal reserved to RTW Tours travelers !



Your starting point for exploring the Old World is the great historic city of London – which has recently received a makeover courtesy of the 2012 Olympics. The wonders of Europe are so accessible – Paris, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Prague…you can easily travel by train or use a low cost airline…where do you want to enjoy  your time?

LALos Angeles
Anything can happen in Los Angeles, the land of perpetual reinvention. You never know who you’ll bump into in the Sunshine State, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for famous faces. Your camera could get some Hollywood star or, with a few hours’ drive, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Yosemite Park, Las Vegas, and much more!

French Polynesia is one of the most popular destinations for lovers of the sea and you really can’t blame them! The international airport is located on the island of Tahiti featuring wild mountains, turquoise seas and a lively capital city, Papeete, where beats the heart of the history of the archipelago.

Composed of two large main islands, North Island and South Island, New Zealand possesses a rare variety of landscapes: alpine valleys, jungles, beaches, mountains, glaciers, boiling lakes, fjords, volcanoes and geysers. Recently, New Zealand has become the world capital of extreme sports and throughout the year attracts fans of all ages in search of adrenaline!

Make sure you ask for a window seat on the flight to Sydney; it’s impossible not to strain for a view of that famous harbour as you land, day or night. Surrounded by the city’s most incredible beaches, Opera House and Harbour Bridge’s charme is for all travellers simply irresistible!

A trip to Bali is not merely a classic stay in an exotic destination full of breathtaking beaches: the culture and spirituality of this island make it one of the most special locations on the planet. You can immerse yourself in an ancient culture, made of gilded temples sprouting in the forest, traditional dances and beautiful places like the Temple of Tanath Lot.


In this futuristic city you can visit the first night safari in the world, relax in the sunny Sentosa Island or enjoy the nightlife of Clarke Quay & Riverside. And don’t forget to explore the beautiful shops and enjoy a glittering world-class cuisine!

You will be feeling the Bangkok buzz as soon as those wheels touch the runway. This city is non-stop and chock-a-block full of bustling streets, serene temples, never-ending nightlife and mouth-watering snacks to feast on so go on, get stuck in!

Unbridled fun in the many shopping centres and the Atlantis Aquaventure; the over-the-top luxury of the glittering Burj al Arab; miles of dazzling white beaches including the superbly equipped Jumeirah Beach Park; an oasis surrounded by desert; an ever-evolving skyline where skyscrapers are mushrooming and competing to outdo each other and exceed all limits… Dubai is not by any stretch of the imagination a normal city; more like a different dimension of reality!

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