Round the World Trip

Round the World Trip
Just as space travel is the new exclusive frontier of  tourism,
RTW Tours are the new travel trend Experience.

You’ll find invaluable contacts and answers for independent travellers; MainQuestions  –  Transports –  Accommodation  –  Practical Informatio. We offer you a careful selection of the best RTW Tickets and Special Offers on the market.

We are the first in the world to offer Themed RTW Tours® featuring (for example) the world’s finest golf courses, safaris, diving, beaches …and many other RTW packages.

As RTW experts, we collaborate with major operators from all over the world. There are several good brands specialising in RTW travels, and we have agreements with major ones. As each of them is strong on a specific area of the world (Europe, US, Asia or Oceania), we get the best of each, in order to provide the traveller with the most appropriate and competitive RTW Tour – airfares & ground services. We don’t have an exclusive contract with any supplier, which allows us to offer the best!
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Today, more than ever, people are investing in Experiences” – The Economist
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